About Us

About Student Teacher Online
Student Teacher Online is a FREE educational tutoring site available to all K-12 students in California.  Student Teacher Online has a staff of educational teachers who are qualified to teach K-12 school academics.  School students in the 1st through 12th grades meet these teachers on the Internet to receive online tutoring on their specific educational challenges. This site is meant to support and enhance K-12 school education as it reinforces the same subject matter.   Educational lessons can be repeated over and over until the student understands the academic material without embarrassment.  Online tutoring enables all students to keep pace with the subject matter discussed in school. As parents and educators, we understand the systemic problems we face; increasing class sizes and parents’ limited time mean students may not receive the attention they need in order to thrive. Our mission is to help every child reach their full academic potential by strengthening their understanding of school material. Our methodology ensures no one gets left behind. We accomplish this with our accredited online tutoring, combining text with illustrations, along with video demonstrations in all core subjects. We offer hands-on Internet interaction and discussion with an online teacher. As a final reinforcement of the curriculum, we implement a set of quizzes, tests and assessments to help determine your comprehension of the subject. Student Teacher Online does not have its own academic curriculum since it is not meant to replace K12 school education. It mimics the curriculum already approved by the schools.  Student Teacher Online follows the same academic instruction a  school student receives in class. The idea is to reinforce the same subject matter through repetition, and to enlighten the student by restating information not captured in class. The curriculum is presented in an easy to follow, engaging content. Your child will have the advantage of visiting the academic material from a new perspective. We offer students other advantages beyond classroom attendance.
  • One on One individualized attention.
  • Support from teachers via Internet or telephone.
  • Flexible learning at your child’s pace.
  • Advanced courses for accelerated students.
  • Online learning when your child is unable to attend school.
We understand that  school students need a helping hand with their academic curriculum.  We are here to join students and teachers online and to help a student master the subject matter. Our intention is to keep all students on track to help them build a solid foundation for their future. So go ahead, enroll today and ask your first question. You have nothing to lose, it is 100% FREE!